Our Story

The Intelopment Group is a privately held company. We are a project-oriented technical team that provides project management, web site development, and small office IT consulting and support. The Intelopment Group team members each possess over 20 years of experience, which includes system engineering, telecommunications and software engineering expertise. The core team has been working together since 1993.

Our approach to meeting your business objectives is to first understand the business strategy and goals through close listening. The solutions developed are based on meeting these business goals within the constraints defined. In addition to our technical knowledge we are skilled at communicating and presenting information to our clients. This better enables our clients to make informed decisions and ultimately provides the optimum business solution.

We are proponents of agile software development and certified scrum masters, however when bringing in change we ensure that process is not forced. We also strongly believe the best products and teams are diverse and when tasked to grow teams ensure diversity is a consideration.

Experience Matters

The heart of all business systems is centered on use cases. The system must deliver to meet the defined needs of the users. Our methodology is to first, best understand and document those use cases. The solutions presented can then attest to those needs, trading various elements based on operational constraints.

Managing that approach is our expertise. Delivering options to our customers, to drive decision-making and business results, is our mission.