Our Clients

Over the past 12 years we have worked with customers across the US of varying sizes.

Our engagement skills are honed and when combined with a sincere interest in understanding our clients' needs, we are able to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Exceeding Expectations

We are known for building strong working relationships within all organizational levels and functions. Our exceptional customer facing skills with the ability to nourish and extend relationships, guarantee our customers expectations are exceeded and your customers return. We use an analytical deep dive collaborative approach to problem solving, which ensures the project is tracking to our customers true needs.


"The Intelopment team is extremely efficient, effective, and personable. Whenever I call with a question or problem, they quickly respond and clearly communicates options and advice. They are good listeners and upbeat problem-solvers. I can count on Intelopment Group to have my best interests in mind."

Linda Netsch, Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School - Founder, Align Consulting