Delivering Your Online Presence

Web presence is a strong factor in how your customers perceive your business

At Intelopment Group we know it is important for your customers to feel confident in your company, and a professional Web presence helps to obtain that. We build websites for our clients, emphasizing a simple clean look that customers are able to easily navigate through to obtain the information they are seeking. Our solutions are built on HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript and tested across all modern desktop browsers, mobile platforms (including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8), and IE8. The days of having to download and install plugins to view a website are a thing of the past.

Getting found in search starts with good Search Engine Optimization in the design. Intelopment Group will work with you to understand your market sector and ensure the correct keyword, descriptions and design methodologies are embedded to optimize search.

App Development

Apps can provide your business the edge it needs to stand out. Possibly your business requires a mobile App to complement its operations. Or possibly your business model is constrained to the mobile App space. Intelopment Group will design an App that meets your needs. Our mobile Apps are developed using the same web technologies, HTML + CSS + Javascript, as our websites, ensuring they will run natively on Androids, iPhones and Windows phones.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Search placement can be enhanced through Paid online advertising options. Depending on client budget and market competition, paid advertising options can be a great addition. Intelopment Group will design, build and manage your PPC advertisements. Simply building an Ad doesn't guarantee you'll get the visitors to click on your Ad. You have to design it with the correct combination of keywords, optimize it to ensure correct targeting, monitor it to ensure you're continually getting the results you want and track conversions to ensure your ROI is worthwhile.